Why Haven’t We Been Shooting From The Studio?

It happens all the time. Because not everyone watches every single video I put out, I often end up having to answer the same question MULTIPLE times. Sometimes dozens of times. I get it. One of the questions I’ve been getting asked a lot lately (and answered a lot) is why we haven’t been shooting The John Campea Show in the studio. Ok…

The studio that The Stream has been in for 7 years now is basically falling apart. You guys may remember that we had to cancel shooting several days because when it was raining, we had… and I’m not exaggerating here… over 21 leaks in the roof. It was basically raining in the studio itself. That alone made it ideal to move out but there were multiple other reasons as well.

Anyway, the process of closing up shop, disassembling everything and packing it all up takes weeks. Today was the last day in the studio, and so we’ve been doing TJCS from home for the last few weeks while the studio has been getting torn down and packed up. Now, the hunt is on for a new studio home (we thought we had found one, but it fell through). Once we find a new home, it will still take a while to move in, wire it all up, have the construction crews build it out to our specifications, build the sets back up and everything else. So right now we’re looking at doing TJCS from home for AT LEAST another month and possibly considerably longer depending on how long it takes us to find a suitable new space.

In the meantime, I’ve got to admit I’ve been enjoying doing the show from home and bringing in Robert and Ashley remotely. I think it has worked pretty darn well. So there you go. Once I have any more updates to give you I’ll let you know. PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR… if you see anyone else asking about why we aren’t in the studio right now, please point them to this post. I would make my life a lot easier! Thanks guys! Cheers!


8 Comments on “Why Haven’t We Been Shooting From The Studio?”

  1. Just a curiosity question here. You did the old AMC show there right? Wasn’t it falling apart then or is this a recent development?

    1. Yeah but that was years ago and a LOT of stuff has happened (including a roof collapse) since then.. Also, our needs have evolved and we needed more than the space gave us.

  2. But Jooooooooohn. . .Can’t you just get Jason Momoa to do something about the water leaks LOL

    Just kidding man, happy hunting. I know how moving can be, I’m a real estate broker by day, youtuber by night. I’m not only a follower in the church of JC (John Campea) I’m a youtuber myself and a supporter of you for years. Oh, by the way, its T3 Medias as in like the news media. . .not meta human, the way you’ve been pronouncing it. I mean, I knew you were bad with names but me and you go all the way back to pre K. I thought we were better than that LOL

    Be good and stay dry my friend. . .love you

  3. I watch daily but sometimes don’t have time to stick around for the live chat… and I’ve been wondering about this for weeks lol serves me right I suppose for skipping out early sometimes

  4. I’m used to watching you do your show from home. To me it was wierd that you were in a studio lol but I hope all works out for you.

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