Problems On The John Campea Show On March 1st

Technology is a wonderful thing that allows us to do the incredible. However, it can also be a major pain in the ass. Take today for example. We started the live broadcast of The John Campea Show as normal at 9am PST. And about 5 minutes into it, my broadcasting software, Wirecast, just suddenly decided to freeze. I still have no idea why it did that, but that’s PCs for you.

So we restarted the show at 9:40am. Everything was going fine, and then all of a sudden YouTube stopped accepting the stream. WHAT!?!?! Yeah, it just suddenly decided it wasn’t going to accept the video feed I was sending it. Then, magically, about 5 minutes later is just suddenly started working again, but it threw our audio sync out a little and we lost a few minutes of the show.

The most frustrating thing in situations like this is the feeling of total helplessness. There was NOTHING I COULD DO and that was the most enraging thing about it. But oh well, we got through the rest of the show. Hopefully that’ll be the last time something like that happens, but we all know it won’t be. Ugh. Technology.


5 Comments on “Problems On The John Campea Show On March 1st”

  1. Yes. Audio was out of sync. Good thing I was listening to it while jogging. 😂
    Your show is perfect 9.5/10 times.

  2. John . I just watched the complete version of the show. It was fine you just needed cartoon unicorns and Ryan Renalds cracking jokes . It was fine . Like a 80s karate movie brother.
    Yup raw and truly filthy. # bringonthefilthy

  3. I saw the show after it went live and, although i noticed the audio was out of sync by about 2 seconds, at least I was able to enjoy it as a podcast like I usually do while driving long distances. Things like these happen, dude, your content is great regardless! Love the show!

    P.S. I’m a software engineering student so I can relate to the frustration of handling bugs as a user AND as a developer. Gotta love technology xD

  4. All good bruh, we get it, technology isn’t perfect and there isn’t ever really much we can do about it, but regardless it’s still a great show and I don’t know what I’d do without it sometimes. Sure as fuck wouldn’t be able to get through work I can tell you that much lol.

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