About Me

Hello! I’m John Campea. Chances are most of you know me from my previous work on The Movie Blog, AMC Movie News or most recently Collider Video. At my core I’m a film pundit and fan. I love to analyze, examine and talk about movies and TV like a sports fan talks about their favorite teams.

After having a lot of success and a fair amount of fun I decided in June of 2017 that it was time for me to no longer work under a corporate owned entity. I’ve been lucky in my career to work with wonderful corporations like AMC Theatres, Complex Networks and Verizon, but trying to work as a creative under corporate overlords became tiring. I found myself yearning for the days when I used to run my old website “The Movie Blog” as a creative independent with all the honesty, creative freedom and personal standards that doing so allowed me. And so, after the death of a dear friend which reminded me that life is short, I left Collider to re-launch my Youtube channel as an independent creator.

Random Facts:

  • Married to my wife Ann since 2010
  • Have 2 dogs named Lily and Shadow
  • MMA junkie
  • Star Wars is my favorite thing in life
  • I like traditional table top role playing games
  • I play a lot of poker and play in the World Series Of Poker each year
  • I’m proudly Canadian
  • My hometown of Hamilton, Ontario is the greatest city in the world
  • My real name is Giovanni (I’m Italian)
  • Before doing film punditry full time I worked in Law
  • Before Law I worked in the Visual Effects industry
  • I’ve produced 2 of my own movies, 1 documentary and 1 rom-com
  • I wrote a novel called “The Pride”
  • I have a dangerous addiction to Ice Cream
  • Do a panel at San Diego Comic-Con each year called “Masters Of The Web”
John and his wife Ann at the World Premiere of Star Wars: Rogue One
John’s dogs, Lily and Shadow (they love to nap while snuggled up to him)