John’s Gear List

John’s main cameras – Sony A6400

Backup camera #1 – Sony A5100

Backup camera #2 – Canon M50

Thoughts On Walks Vlogging Camera – Osmo Pocket

Mobile/On Location Camera

Mobile/Gaming/Emergency Backup Camera

Main Microphones – Rode Procaster

Studio Shotgun Mics

Mobile Shotgun Mic

Backup Mic

Mobile/Quick And Easy Mic

Podcasting/Mobile Mics

Show notes research and writing – iPad Pro

Main Studio Lights

Guest Ring Light (Large)

Guest Ring Light (Small)

Background Color Light

Wirecast Control Surface

Main Sound Mixer

Backup/Mobile Sound Mixer

Stuff I drink every day on the show. ZEVIA!

Blotting Paper (so your damn skin doesn’t shine on-camera… USE IT!)

Teleprompter for pre-recorded videos

Third Party Cheap Nintendo Switch Dock For Game Streaming

External HDMI to USB Capture Card #1

External HDMI To USB Capture Card #2

Main HDMI Capture Card

Secondary HDMI Capture Card

Sigma 30mm Prime Lens for Sony Cameras

Sigma 56mm Prime Lens For Sony Cameras

Mic Arm/Stand

Main Camera Tripods

Secondary/Backup Camera Tripods

Main Monitor

Second And Third Monitors

Fourth Monitor (Connect via USB)

Skype And Show Monitoring Laptop

John’s Treadmill Desk

Camera Slider