Zachary Levi Is SHAZAM, Avengers Vs Justice League – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recirded Saturday October 28th 2017) John discusses the following:

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Zachary Levi will play SHAZAM!



PATREON Supporter Kyle Garrett – Hi John, love the show. Newsweek did a story in September stating that Netflix has only 43 streaming movies made before 1970, and it pointed out the general difficulty of finding older titles on streaming services due to copyright issues. Do you think this problem will get resolved before we convert completely to streaming services, or will a lot of old movies become unobtainable as a result?

PATREON Supporter Robert Coleman – Steven Spielberg’s next film, “The Post” is scheduled to be released in December. With November about to be here in a matter of days, when do you think we’ll see the first trailer?

PATREON Supporter Dylan Johnson – Sup John, doesn’t most money from blockbuster films come from repeat business? Won’t increasing the price for those films decrease repeat business immensely, thus decreasing revenue? Who’s thinking this stuff up?

PATREON Supporter Ian – Saw your video yesterday about the “Regal Screw Over”. What does this mean for box office relevance? Many people use box office as a way to judge the popularity of films. Wouldn’t lowering the amount of money that lesser seen films make and increasing the money that popular films make lead to box office totals no longer being a reliable source on the success of films?

PATREON Supporter Joe Zapata – Love the show and now let’s hear it from you! Justice League vs Avengers…who wins at the box office overall??

PATREON Supporter Joe C – I can’t figure out why Kylo angry enough to drive him to the dark side. I can see he might feel abandoned (to train with Luke) but I see nothing else. Even while training he’s still with family right? Rey was also abandoned but has a different outlook on things.

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