WIll Lack Of Superman In Justice League Marketing Hurt Box Office? – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Sunday, November 5th 2017) John discusses the following viewer submitted topics:

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Ulysses Smith – Hey John, been watching you and subscribed since amc movie talk in 2014. This the 1st time asking you a hopefully good question. I was wondering and hoping that will any movie companies start a 24 hour movie theater? I would think they could make more because there will be people who go anytime like me.

Robert Kessler – Hey John I’ve been loving the show. When Transformers The Last Knight came out this summer, the box office took a dive, most likely because the previous movies sucked hard. Therefore, why shouldn’t Justice League be estimated to take a similar dive? Sure, WW was good, but the last ensemble DC movie (BvS) was poorly received.

Francisco from Sacramento – Hey John love the show keep up the great work! I saw something today about Warner Bros officially kicking off an Oscar campaign for IT. I’m curious about your thoughts on that and the chances the film has to win.

Anthony Gonzalez – Many of the core fans know of course Superman will return in Justice League by a certain part, however WB’s isn’t advertising the film with the Superman because I feel they’re saving this surprise . However, your average moviegoer doesn’t know this. Likely isn’t aware that we will even Get Superman in this film. Could their lack of Superman advertising hurt them at the box office?

McKay Olsen – Hey John, love the show! You’ve mentioned before that you believe that shooting digital is better than shooting on film. Why do some directors like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino insist on shooting only on film when such great quality can be achieved when shooting on digital? Do you think that filmmakers will only shoot digital in the future? Thanks!

Krum – Hello John been fan of your show for a long time now. My question is: Where is the Suicide Squad in the upcoming Justice League movie? I thought Amanda Waller wanted to use them as first defence line against villains like Steppenwolf. I hope they don’t use the SS just for their standalone movies.

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