Why Phasma Better Beat Finn Easily – Star Wars Talk Tuesdays

On this episode of Star Wars Talk Tuesdays (Recorded Tuesday, October 24th 2017) John takes the following viewer Star Wars topics:

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Ethan Hunt – Hey John love your show. The force ghost is big part of SW in my eyes, I think it would be disappointing if they are not in the new trilogy. What if luke was talking to a force ghost ben or anakin in the trailer about being afraid? What if that scene in the trailer is them trying to convince him to train Rey?

JT Maloney – G’day John all the way from Sydney Australia. I wanted to get your thoughts on the $215million projected opening for the last Jedi. I think it’s bang on target. Cheers

Serenity Falcon – I agree with you that Star Wars: The Last Jedi will not break the opening weekend box office record; but, if it has a truly amazing story, what chance do you think it has of having a greater worldwide final box office total than The Force Awakens?

Christopher White – With all the comments we’ve been hearing from mark hamill, as well as quotes from the character of luke skywalker, i’m really starting to think we won’t be seeing luke leave ach-to, much like yoda didn’t leave dagobah after training luke. I hope i’m wrong, but what do you think?

Shareef Snuggs – Do you think Disney would have done a better, worst, or equal job regarding the prequels If George Lucas sold LucasFilms to Disney back in the late 80s or early 90s instead of in 2012? I was never a fan of the prequels. However, in my opinion, without the prequels, Disney wouldn’t have as much success with this new canon as they are having now.

Jonathan Carjack – John, love all the content and all that you do! My question is Phasma, read the book and loved it, however after watching the Last Jedi trailer there is no way Fin can take on Phasma one on one? (Unless he is force sensitive) if, in the movie, he does best Phasma, does it lessen the credibility of the non-theatrical canon?

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