WB Hires New Head Of DCEU Movies, Bright 2 A Terrible And Great Idea – The John Campea Show


On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Friday, January 5th 2018) John discusses the following user submitted topics:

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PATREON Supporter The Canon – Which marketing tactic do you think was the most bold? Deadpool (Flooding the market/pushing boundaries), 10 Cloverfield Lane (Last-minute surprise attack), Split (Pure word of mouth via the twist)?

Will Jones – Hey John, long time fan! Much like how you thought Justin Long would be the next big actor I thought the same about Paul Schneider. After Lars and the Real Girl and Assassination of Jesse James I thought this guy had real talent. He was written out of Parks and Rec. and I haven’t seen him since. What happened? Thanks and bring on the filthy!

Cameron Moore – Is Disney waiting for the Super Bowl to drop the “Solo” trailer? Star Wars has had success with the NFL Monday Night games, and Marvel has dropped spots during the Super Bowl before.

Gregar Vistonovich – I finally got around to watching Bright on Netflix after a few friends of mine said they liked it. It was such pure garbage. Just a terrible movie. But today I heard they officially gave the green light to a sequel for it. My question is, why?

Amanda Hyder – Hi John. The BF and I love the show and watch almost everyday. The shake up at Warner just made a major move by naming a new head of DC films. Question: Is Walter Hamada really a better choice for this job than Geoff Johns? Seems like an odd move to me.

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