Was Cancelling House Of Cards Right? Is WB Rushing Shazam? The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Tuesday, October 31st 2017) John discusses the following:

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Kenny Leguire – Here’s my question : with Shazam! ready to roll in February in Toronto, how could WB keep the date for ”April 2019” when they’ll start filming in February 2018 for at least 6 months… it’s an heavy VFX movie that require at least “one year” of post-prod with all the CGI… look at Aquaman, Man of Steel and Justice League, all of these movies needed one year to be well done with VFX.

Yash Rajput – With The greatest showman releasing one week after TLJ, what do you think are the chances of it doing good at the box office? Also, what are your thoughts on the greatest showman?

Muhamer Nuhi – Hey John, I just rewatched The Nice Guys recently and remembered how much I love the movie. I also remember Shane Dawson saying he would love to do more sequels with those characters, if the movie was going to be a success. Now, we know the latter part didn’t happen, so how would do you rate the possibility that we’ll ever see a Nice Guys sequel?

Josh Williamson – Do you think Netflix did the right thing in cancelling House of Cards after S6 due to the allegations towards Kevin Spacey with the claims against him still not having been confirmed? I’m horrified by these claims and hope they’re not true as I’m a big fan of his.

PATREON Supporter Jaimie – hey john, do you think we will see the Abomination in Infinity War or maybe he might come back in phase 4?

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