Tyrese Gives Ultimatum To Universal About The Rock – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Thursday November 2nd 2017) John discusses the following:

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Thor Ragnarok outpacing Spider-Man Homecoming advanced ticket sales

Tyrese Gibson delivers ultimatum on Dwayne Johnson



Daniel Vasquez – Besides “The Incredibles 2” and “Wreck-It Ralph 2” what are some of the animated movies of next year you are looking forward too or not looking forward too?

Stevan Mladenovic – Should WB use Flashpoint to reset the universe if Justice League Fails? But how will people react to something like this? People who love the universe that they have established will be disappointed with this, and people who don’t might be turned off by this decision because if this is a possibility, why would we ever be invested in these characters if WB can just reset the Universe.

Daniel Yamasaki – Hey John! I was wondering why do movies come out a day before the advertised release date? For example Justice league has been advertised to come out on the 17th, but it will actually open on the 16th. Thanks and hope you have a great day!

Mark Leeming – Hi John, big fan since AMC days. Question, what film do you think is Tim Burton’s most underrated film, He’s not up there with one of my favourite directors but I can’t help but very much appreciate his directing style. For me his Sweeney Todd film is one of his films that I can’t help but keep going back to. What are your thoughts?

Matthew Leach – John what’re you’re thoughts on Elfman’s comments on how he won’t be using Zimmer/XL’s Batman theme and how there is only one batman theme and that’s his? I found his comments a bit too self centered and cocky, I wasn’t a fan of how he talked about it and handled the question

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