The Last Jedi In Just 16 Days! Where Is Snoke? – Star Wars Talk Tuesdays

On this week’s episode of Star Wars Talk Tuesdays (recorded Tuesday, November 28th 2017) John discusses the following topics:

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Carl Hilliard – Hey john, love all of your videos! So here’s my question: Disney said that they would be taking all of their properties off Netflix, to use on their own streaming service. However, Star Wars The Force Awakens was just put onto Netflix? I don’t get it. Could you clear that up? Keep up the vids. Thank you!

Andrew – Do you think TLJ would have tracked/ended up having a bigger opening at the box office had they not released Rogue One? There are arguments for both sides: Excitement/anticipation may be higher had we had to wait two years between TFA and TLJ…or…Rogue One maintained SW excitement in the general public’s eye. Keep up the awesome work!

Nick M – Hi John. Long time supporter and viewer of yours, first time emailer! I’ve noticed that Snoke does not feature on any main Last Jedi posters to date. Do you think there is a reason for this, considering he appears to be a key figure in the continuation of the saga? It seems a big omission.

Victor M – Hi John, enjoy all your shows. Will J.J Abrams Episode 9 be the FINAL Star Wars movie based on the Skywalker saga? Or is the audience/fan connection to the Skywalker mythology too intrinsic and valuable to the Star Wars brand for Lucasfilm to let it go? What are your thoughts?

Sterling Jones – To me it seems like the payoff of reading the SW novels/comics seem to be minimal when it comes to watching the SW movies. I would love in TLJ to have a Adm. Rae Sloane mention(No spoilers. Read the Aftermath series). Do you think that LSG/Disney needs to put more “connectivity” from novels/comics to the big screen? Thank you and have a great day!


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