Star Wars The Last Jedi Was Over 3 Hours Long – Star Wars Talk Tuesdays

On this week’s episode of Star Wars Talk Tuesdays (Recorded Tuesday, December 5th 2017) John discusses the following Star Wars topics:

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Mini – I am a new to Patreon and committed for the long journey to support your channel. My question is : Recently Daisy Ridley said in an interview that she will not return for any future Star Wars movie, does that mean Kathleen Kennedy spoke too soon of new adventures that may include Rey, Finn, BB8 etc?

Scott Utley – Congrats on the 100K subs. With all the talk of Fox and Disney negotiating to buy Fox’s movie division. What do you think of the chance, if the deal goes through, that we might be able to get the OT re-released again on Blu-ray ,but this time the de-specialized additions. One can only hope!

Lewis Round – Hi John, you have the best SW show on the Net! What are your top 3 things you want to see in The last Jedi! And also Do you believe Reylo is even possible?! Thanks and keep up the good work!

Brennan Tyleman – I saw an interview with Rian Johnson yesterday saying that his first cut of The Last Jedi was over 3 hours long. Why do you think Disney made him shorten it? Didn’t they learn anything from Justice League?

Amin M – Hello John. Greeting from Hamilton! Love the show. I have an over, under for you….Over or under 45% chance that TLJ makes $230m opening weekend? What if the film gets immensely positive reviews, would that help boost the box office numbers? I know it is very unlikely to catch TFA, but I think it will come close. Thanks and keep up the great work!


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