Star Wars Talk Tuesdays – Ron Howard Reshoots Almost Entire Solo Movie

On this episode of Star Wars Talk Tuesdays John discusses the following:

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Ron Howard reshoot most of the film to double the budget

Luke Baxter – Hey John, how’s your day? My question is: What’s up with this Star Wars: Underworld show? I came across it on IMDb and I’m perplexed whether or not it’s happening because it has a December 2018 release date yet we heard nothing about this as of yet. Your thoughts. Thanks and may the force be with you.

Kendall Ganaway – Hey John, do you think they will expand on the Knights of REN in Star Wars The Last Jedi? Do you think we even need to know more about The Knights of Ren?

Sam S – Been a long time fan and love your show. My question is, I look on for full cast of The Last Jedi and there is an actress by the name of Crystal Clarke, but no character name given for her, so do you think she could be playing Mara Jade or someone like her and they’re keeping it hush hush much like JJ Abrams did with Khan in Star Trek into Darkness?

Jeff Podolski – Look forward to Star Wars Talk Tuesday every week! My question is, do you think the reason Star Wars Rebels is running two episodes per week because there might be something that either ties in or, at least, enhances The Last Jedi?

Stephen Mentze – I know in star wars the force isn’t suppose to be handed down genetically. If this is true, why did Obi Wan and Yoda feel it necessary to hide Luke and Leia? Doesn’t the fact that they felt it necessary to hide them inadvertently admit that there CAN be a familial or genetic connection but perhaps it is rare?

Paul Vandersypen – Han and Leia naming their child Ben makes no sense … unless “Ben Solo” is actually Luke’s son whom they have adopted. If that is true, then the theory that Rey is Leia and Han’s daughter makes more sense. Your thoughts?

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