Star Wars Talk Tuesdays – Could Thrawn Be Rian Johnson’s Project?


On this episode of Star Wars Talk Tuesdays (recorded Tuesday November 14th 2017) John discusses the following Star Wars topics:

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Waren G Akers – With the rumors of Disney recently in talks to potentially purchase 20th Century Fox, it got me thinking. If this were to happen, could we see future Star Wars films once again opening with the traditional 20th Century Fox logo and theme?

Erik Castleberg – Sometimes I catch myself hoping Solo is good, but “underperforms”. Not because I want it to be a bad movie, but I want lucasfilm to get a message that says, “we want new characters, we want you to expand the universe.” I obviously want solo to be good, I just wish it was *another* good movie. Am I crazy?

PATREON Supporter Nate – Hey John love your work. So since R2D2 and C3PO have been in every star wars film to date do you think they will show up in “Solo”? Would this feel forced or is there a way that would fit in the movie? Would love your thoughts and may the force be with you always.

Gerson Shaddix – Sup john, i’m from brazil and i love you show, I learn english watching SWTT. My question is, IF disney makes a new tv show about the old republic can they change everything we know?

Rob Stoneman – Hi John. With the announcement that the new Rian Johnson trilogy will explore an area of lore not seen so far, what do you think the likelihood is that this could be Thrawn and in the unknown regions, including perhaps some exploration of the Chiss Ascendency?

Matt Agosta – With the news about Rian Johnson taking over a whole new trilogy, do you think there’s any chance that it could be a Kenobi trilogy? Thanks.

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