Star Wars Again Contradicts Itself Saying Palpatine Was A Clone Now – The John Campea Show

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On today’s episode:

  • Antonio Banderas Joins UNCHARTED Movie With Tom Holland
  • Onward (Pixar 2020) Movie Review
  • New Artemis Fowl Trailer Significantly Better Than The First
  • Mark Ruffalo Says He’s In Talks For She-Hulk Show
  • Invisible Man Makes $50 Million On $7 Million Budget In First Weekend
  • Ben Stiller In Fast 9: Why It Might Be True And Why It Might Not Be
  • Today In Stupid: Palpatine Was A Clone Says Rise Of Skywalker Novel
  • Suicide Squad Wraps Shooting Nearly 1.5 Years Before Release Date: Could It Move Up
  • No More Star Trek Movies Says Simon Pegg

And Much More

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