Solo Poster Legit? Which Avengers Could Be In Black Panther? – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Now With SOUND!) John discusses the following topics:

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Jay Pinkston – My question is about the future of streaming. Movie studios used to own their own theaters until the government said studios had to divest from theaters. Do you think this could happen with streaming? An argument could be made that it’s unfair for the small studios to compete with the giants that have their own streaming service.

Jeremy Madreen – Just wondering if you had a chance to see that new Nic Cage trailer called Mom And Dad. Looks like low budget craziness. I thought it was great. Thoughts?

Sean Liu – Hi John, You mentioned several times that Netflix is the Goliath in the streaming business and Disney/Fox is the David. If this is true, why did Disney pay 60+ billion to buy Fox instead of just paying a similar price (if not cheaper) to buy Netflix instead?

Linus Knight – Looks like the (Russian/overseas?) poster for “Solo” has been released/leaked online! it looks like things are better than originally feared. Do you think a trailer will be following soon?

Daniel Yamasaki – Hey John! Do you think that Captain America or anyone from Captain America’s team will make some sort of appearance in Black Panther since it’s the last movie before Infinity War? Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

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