Rey’s Parents Revealed In Battlefront II? – Star Wars Talk Tuesdays

On this episode of Star Wars Talk Tuesdays (Recorded Tuesday, November 21st 2017) John discusses the following Star Wars topics:

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Paul Stephenson – Greetings from liverpool, ive heard you say that TLJ won’t make as much as TFA at the box office however now we are getting more luke than last time and the last chance to see carrie fisher as leia wont those 2 factors alone be enough for it to make more I personally think it does.

Seth Perkins – Hey John, when I first saw the Phasma vs Finn tease I thought it was cool but now I’ve got one concern. If she gets the best of Finn without killing him then we have the second film in a row where Finn has been wounded in the movie and you begin to question if it’s worth having him there. What’s your winning situation for a Finn and Phasma fight in the Last Jedi?

Mark H – Hey John, K.K. said we’re getting more movies with Rey, Finn, Poe after Ep9 on the SW show. But then Rian J. is helming a new trilogy. What gives? How many trilogies are we getting? Am I missing something or are there around 9 more movies in the works after TLJ? Thanks and keep up the great work.

Adam Watson – Hi John, Greetings from sunny Scotland. If this new trilogy is taking place in a corner of the galaxy not explored before with brand new characters do you think we will get Jedi and Sith or something else as I can’t imagine a new trilogy without some sort of force users can you?

Muhammad Irfan – Hi John, big fan from Malaysia. My question; have you play Battlefront 2 campaign? What do you think about the possibilities that Rey’s parents is Del & Iden?

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