Original Justice League Script Affleck Was In Talks To Direct Is Crazy! – The John Campea Sho

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Wednesday, December 6th 2017) John discusses the following topics:

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Bryan Kruse – I’m curious how you see The Disaster Artist doing at the box office. The casual movie fan probably has no clue what The Room is. Could that turn off a lot of people from seeing the movie since they don’t know what it is about?

PATREON Supporter Mr. Moody – ‘m a long time fan and congrats on hitting 100,000 Subscribers. My question is, if the Disney/Fox deal does go through? what could it mean for James Cameron’s 75 Avatar sequels? Could it stay with Disney or would Cameron try and find a new company to distribute it? Thank you for being a huge positive influence on the internet and in my life.

Sam Rider- Hey John, love the show, watch whenever I can. With the rumors about Disney’s acquisition of several assets from Fox’s movie division, I’ve heard a lot of people skeptical that this could give Disney too much power and allow them to have a monopoly. Do you think this is a legitimate claim? Keep doing what you’re doing!

Alex Rivera – Hey John. Great show! Have you looked into Ben Affleck’s cancelled JL film scrip which was released online? If so, what do you make of it? I read it and it could have made for a better JL movie.

My question is: How much will we be seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy cast in Avengers: Infinity War. Are they only going to be in the space sequences or are they going to be in New York and Wakanda? Thanks for reading.

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