Netflix About To Be Bought By Apple? Solo Trailer Importance – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (recorded Wednesday, January, 3rd 2018) John discusses the following viewer submitted topics:

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Patreon Supporter Cooper – The hit musical WICKED has been announced for a long time now with a December 20th 2019 release date. However, Star Wars Ep. 9 now releases the same exact day. You’ve said counter programming can be healthy, however Wicked is one of the biggest & most popular musicals of all time. Should it move or is it different enough to stay and be okay?

Henry Jensen – Hey John, huge fan from Los Angeles. You mention how much you dislike “fake killings” in movies (when a movie kills off a character and then brings him or her back, example: Phil Coulson). I was wondering if you think there is an effective way of doing a fake killing, or do they always take away from the movie. Thanks and keep up the get work.

Noella Sanchez – There are stories going around that Apple may be looking at buying Netflix. What are the chances this happens and what would it mean for the landscape with Disney starting up its streaming service in 2019?

Juan Yeverino – Hey John, thanks for being my main source for movie news! My question is: when will we get a trailer for the next cloverfield movie? The movie is supposed to be released on February 2nd and we haven’t got a trailer yet. Any thoughts?

Joe Yamin – John love that you worked through the holidays for us. The fact that we haven’t seen a Solo trailer got me thinking. Has there ever been a bigger make or break trailer for a movie? Secondly, I believe they are holding it to give Last Jedi room but could it be they are thinking of pushing it to December?

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