Lord Of The Rings TV Show Coming, Miller Or Gustin Flash? The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Saturday November 4th 20178) John discusses the following:

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Amazon in talks to produce Lord Of The Rings TV show



James Arrisola – Hi John, huge fan of your channel. I wanted to address the concessions at movie theaters. Should movie fans pressure studios to share more of the pie with theaters so food and drinks aren’t so outrageous?

Hamza – Hi John, love your show. As you may recall many of us anticipated that Infinity War trailer will drop on the release day of Thor Ragnrok or even two days before that, and we are still without one.

Craig Straton – why don’t movie studio’s own their own movie theater. seems like a really big part of the business for them to not be part of. and they could then keep 100% of ticket sales and snack revenue as well?

Christian Trudeau – Big fan since the AMC Days. What are your thoughts on the L.A. Times reporters being blacklisted and banned from press screenings from all Disney properties due to them being unhappy with investigative journalistic pieces about Disney. I for one find it stupid and damaging.

King Smooth – Hey John I recently saw a Justice League promo and was reading the comments and saw a lot of hate for the Flash. Most people were complaining about Ezra Miller and preferred Grant Gustin. My question is how would you convince concerned viewers to be optimistic about Ezra Miller’s Flash?

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