Last Jedi RT Audience Scores Faked? Ian McKellen Back As Gandalf? The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Monday, December 18th 2017) John discusses the following topics:

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Bryan K – Hi John. What do you this is the movie deal of the decade. Disney buys Lucas Film or Fox? Or is there a big deal gone down I have forgotten or coming up?

PATREON Supporter Ali Hussein – Hi John love your show. My question is: are Disney going to continue shows like legion and the gifted both are base on X-Men universe. Love do hear your thoughts.

Anat Segal – Last week Peter Jackson announced the trailer for the new movie he produced “The mortal engines” will debut with the “The Last Jedi”, however i haven’t seen anyone talk about it or seen it online.

Nate P – Films are subjective and people are allowed to dislike a film. I find it pathetic however people maybe going to such lengths to artificially sabotage audience score on rottentomatoes. I’ll elaborate citing a facebook user group who claimed responsibility for influencing the low audience score via use of bot accounts. The user group claims to be pro, the old star wars EU and DCEU, it is considering targeting Avengers: Infinity War as well. Your thoughts?

Josh DeRose – With Ian McKellen joining Amazon’s LOTR cast, do you think we might see other notables from the past in the cast & crew?

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