If Star Wars: Solo Fails What Happens To Kathleen Kennedy? – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Tuesday, January 2nd 2018) John discusses the following viewer submitted topics:

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Shawn Smith – Love the show. Why do you keep referring to a comic book genre? No one says other forms of literary adaptation, like novels, are genres. Comic book is merely the source material. Even disregarding the fact that movies with super heroes come in many different genres, you certainly can’t lump the 300, Kingsmen, Jonah Hex, Men in Black, Sin City and Timecop into the same genre, can you?

Mike Quevedo – Hi, John. Do you think Robert Rodriguez (and Sony) will ever get the Fire and Ice live action remake to finally start rolling? Maybe if Rodriguez’s Alita Battle Angel and/or Sony’s upcoming Masters of The Universe(as it is also sword and sorcery genre) do solid business will it get off the ground? What say you? Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Lucas Kroll – Due to the Last Jedi getting some mixed reviews from some fans (I personally loved it) if the Solo movie bombs how is Kathleen Kennedy’s situation at Lucasfilm?

Jojo Ashun – Hey John, love the show. With the recent news that Rian Johnson could start filming his trilogy this June, when do you anticipate the first film will be released? 2019 or 2020? Do you think that it’s a good idea to be filming this movie before episode 9?

TrojanofNarnia – Infinity War is going to open on May 4th and I am anticipating it making a lot of money (perhaps $1 billion?) and being one of the biggest movies of the year. However, if I am not mistaken, Solo is supposed to open in May as well. I would think that Disney opening both of those huge movies within the same month would be a mistake. Your thoughts?

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