How Much Will Justice League Lose? Is Joss Whedon Directing Batgirl? – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Thursday, November 23rd, 2017) John discusses the following topics:

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Gary – I saw a preview for the upcoming season of, “Marvel: Agents Of Shield” and it appears the majority of it will take place in space. Immediately when I saw this I thought, “Oh no…” because this could sooo go south and downhill quickly. But I wanna know your thoughts/opinions.

Shareef Snuggs – Since you seen Coco, do you think Coco will have the highest opening at the box office for a Thanksgiving release date? Currently, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is #1 at the box office with $109M. Can Coco take that title?

Nancy Brownlee – There were stories going around today that Joss Whedon was off of the Batgirl film and another that said he was still on it. Is Batgirl still going to happen and is Joss still going to direct it?

Jackson Dunn – I read a report that said Jude Law was going to be in the new Captain Marvel film for the MCU. Is this true, and if so, would he instantly become one of the hottest actors in Hollywood considering it would be 2 major franchises he’s in with Potter and the MCU?

Nazeer M – People are saying that Justice League is actually going to lose money. I bunch of people online are saying they’ll lose like $100 million dollars. But when I checked it said Justice League has already made almost $300 million. Didn’t the movie cost $300 million? So how are they saying it’s going to lose money? What am I missing?

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