First Bumblebee Pic, The Truth About Critics, Junkets And Red Carpets – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Saturday, December 30th 2017) John discusses the following viewer-submitted questions:

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Odean Osbourne – Hi John, love your show very much. Maybe one-way theaters and movie studios can get more people to go to the movies, is by offering discounts on digital copies of the movies on home release. They would do this by adding a promo code on the customer half of the ticket that offers may a 15% discount. Thoughts?

Bryan Kruse – Hey John hope all is well with you. Why do we get so few swords and sandals movies these days? In the early-mid 2000s there were some great ones like Gladiator, Troy, and 300. But it seems like we haven’t had a good one in at least 10 years.

Brennan Ernsonata – Hey John. Watch your show every day. Have you seen the first image of Bumblebee that they just released with B in his classic yellow bug form. Does it give you any further hope for the film?

PATREON Supporter Jermain Sneed – I often get in debates with my friends about the importance of critics and even RT. However they always come back with mostly bad conspiracy theories. But one thing seemed logical. These early screenings, Flying critics to set visits, junkets in vacation spots paid for by the studios. Couldn’t all this seem like payoffs?

Marc P – Hey John. Absolutely love the content you pump out constantly. Would you consider MOS, BVS and Justice League the Superman trilogy we never got? I wouldn’t put it on par with the more popular trilogies out there, but the character goes through drastic changes from the start of MOS to Justice League. And with WB being such a hot mess, I wonder if we’ll ever get an official trilogy.

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