Deadpool 2: Should TJ Miller Be Removed From The Movie? – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Wednesday, December 20th 2017) John discusses the following viewer submitted topics:

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PATREON Supporter Jeff Bingham – There’s a very sizable dichotomy in response between the Rock’s two starring vehicles this year Jumanji and Baywatch. Do you think this is attributable to the inherent natures of these properties that would allow Jumanji to be good and keep Baywatch from ever being good no matter what? Or do you think Jumanji did things relative to the Jumanji property that Baywatch failed to do relative to the Baywatch property, among other things?

Stifler’s Dad – Hey John, I’m a big fan and thank you for making my day better than it would be without your show. My questions it what do you think of The Witcher getting a TV show adaptation on Netflix? It has always been one of my favorite games and I’m beyond excited to see what they can do with this material.

Blake Schwarz – We know that there are talks for Tarantino to make a Star Trek movie which got me thinking. In 2015, Disney pushed The Hateful Eight out of 70mm screens for Ep VII; what if his Star Trek Movie is going to be released on the same day as a Star Wars Film to get back at Disney? Which film would win the box office and general reception (speculative): Tarantino’s Star Trek or (possibly) JJ’s Episode IX?

PATREON Supporter Daniel Clements – Love the show. My question is regarding your channel. I know over the years you kind of got burnt out over doing press junkets. However, if offered would you do it for Avengers Infinity War?

Dave A – It seems like the allegations against TJ Miller are so serious that Comedy Central cancelled his show. Do you think that it’s possible Disney/Fox will look to do a “Spacey” with him (as regards DEADPOOL 2)?

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