Can Spider-Man Boost Avengers Endgame Over Avatar Record – The John Campea Show

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On today’s episode of The John Campea Show (Wednesday, June 19th 2019) John and Robert discuss the following topics:

  • Marvel Is Returning To Comic-Con Hall H This Year
  • Avengers Endgame To Add Extra Post-Credit Stuff While Still In Theatres
  • Game Of Throne Prequel Series Begins Shooting
  • Why Doesn’t Disney Make 2D Animated Movies Anymore
  • Should Netflix Start A Free Ad Supported Version
  • Marve’s Shang Chi Casting Rumors Focus On 2 Possible Leads
  • Is J.J. Abrams And Bad Robot Worth Their $500 Million Deal
  • Will Spider-Man Far From Home Push Endgame Over Avatar Record

And Much More!

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