Can SHAZAM Appear In Justice League? Blade Runner Continues To Flop – The John Campea Show

On this installment of The John Campea Show (Recorded Sunday, October 29th 2017) John discusses the following:

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Daniel Yamasaki – I heard you talk about how George Lucas convinced Alec Guinness to be in star wars. The answer of money and points were mentioned as to how Lucas got Guinness to be in the movie. So I was wondering what did you mean by points? What are points? As always thanks and keep up the amazing work!

Daniel Nicodemus – Hi, John, my question is concerning the new Phantom Thread trailer. For me, it seemed like the moment Daniel Day-Lewis opened his mouth and spoke, he was a lock for the Oscar. I was wondering if you have ever been able to lock-in an Oscar winner before just from watching the trailer?

James Walsh – Hello John and thank you for taking my question. Deadline recently reported that Mel Gibson is interested in doing lethal weapon 5. With the tv show on air at the moment would the studio really make another movie?

Dave A Covey – Hi John. If Zachary Levi was cast a few months ago, might he have a small role/cameo in Justice League?

Cheryl – I was excited to see The Accountant 2 announced. However, no Anna Kendrick? Her chemistry with Ben was important to my enjoyment of the film/story. A new ‘love interest’ may help drive plot for the sequel but surely audience investment in an existing relationship can hold more emotional weight? Not a fan of easily interchangeable/replaceable female leads in franchises. What are your thoughts?

Alvin Alex – Recently I read an article on forbes about blade runner 2049 being a flop in china with an est. 7m opening. Do you think it’s game over for this franchise? I loved it. Can they maybe make a sequel with less budget in the future?

*Thumbnail Shazam art by Datrinti

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