Avengers Infinity War Trailer Drops, Mulan Star Cast – The John Campea Show


On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Wednesday, November 29th 2017) John discusses the Following topics:

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National Board Of Review names “The Post” best film of the year.

Disney finds its live action Mulan star

Avengers: Infinity War trailer drops!



Sam Fisher – Big fan. Now that the Disney-Fox talks are “gaining steam” what do you think are the likelihood of seeing Disney getting X-Men and FF back? Also, do you think that this deal violates anti-trust/monopoly laws and will be stopped? Thanks for taking my question.

Sam Smith – I am a big fan of the show and watch everyday. I had a question about the X-Men canon. Are all the movies supposed to tie together? It seems inconsistent to me with Professor X dying in X-Men Last Stand, but being alive in Days of Futures Past and Logan.

Micky Bell – Hey John, COCO seems to be a game changer in animated storytelling, tackling death but do you think any animated studio would tackle LGBTQ issues? For example, two male or female love interests? Would parents take their kids to it? Would it be profitable? Is there widespread appeal?

John Paul Nunez – Hey John, I’m a huge horror fan, and I’ve noticed that non horror fans have a hard time understanding why we enjoy being scared by movies. Why do you think some people enjoy feeling scared when they watch horror movies?

Nathan Oswald – With Kevin Feige saying that there will be 20 MCU movies after Infinity War, do you think he has any concerns about potentially convoluted timeline plot holes?

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