Bright Sequel Deserved? More Claims Of Fake Star Wars Backlash – The John Campea Show


On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Saturday, December 23rd 2017) John takes the following viewer submitted topics:

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PATREON Supporter Ali Hussein – Hey John love your show. Netflix just greenlight bright sequel and will smith is returning. I checked the reviews is not good. Why does Netflix rush with the sequel. The movie came out today i don’t understand that. Love do hear your thoughts.

Linus Knight – it looks like we are not getting Nova OR Adam Warlock i’m Vol. 3 “Officially” – James Gunn replied to a fans ig post (mine) when asked if they would be in it to avoid fan disappointment. Q: Since James Gunn officially stayed we won’t get Warlock/Nova in 3, is this a terrible idea by Gunn?

Jack – Hey John big fan. My question is if Avengers infinity war is a huge success is there anyway the oscars can not award it something? It’s gonna be revolutionary movie.

Came The Dawn – Can you please comment on the backlash against Last Jedi being exposed as a fake: 1. Indie Wire reported Alt-right claimed credit for the backlash against Last Jedi. 2. Fans polled on alternative site rated Last Jedi at 89% & 3. the bots accidentally attacked the wrong page (Shape Of Water instead of Last Jedi).

Andrew Costello – Huge fan. After waiting so long to watch the Darkest Hour, I was disappointed to find that there is nowhere in my state playing it, and I cannot find it on any streaming service. Yet, it seems that the few places in America playing it had sold out theaters and had to put on extra shows. Why such a limited release?

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