Batman V Superman Color Controversy, Thor Passes $100 Million – The John Campea Show

On this installment of The John Campea Show (Recorded Monday, October 30th 2017) John discusses the following:

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THOR RAGNAROK passes $100 million internationally



PATREON Supporter Adil Lebgue – Have you seen this video showing how WB has changed the look of BvS to better fit the tone of WW and JL, changing Zack Snyder’s look of the film?
This is only happening with the digital copies not physical copies. I know it’s their movie but do you think this is right? I personally love the look of BvS and MoS and I’m not sure that this is right.

Jack Wickham – Hey John. I was wondering, where the heck is Tintin 2? I really enjoyed the first one directed by Steven Spielberg, it had a great old fashioned adventure vibe and it was a lot of fun. It’s been 6 years since that film and though it’s been talked about here and there, still no sign. What do you think? thanks and keep up the great solo run!

Andrew Reyes – Hey John, my question is: Could movies such as Blade Runner 2049 (a box office flop, but a great movie) get re-released into theaters at some point in the future as sort of a second chance to regain some income and popularity?

Jonathan Spiroff – Considering all the problems films like Solo and Rogue One had during production, do you think Disney jumped the gun in committing to 1 Star Wars film every year, much like studios jumping the gun on shared universes? Do you think post-Episode 9 Disney might scale down to a Star Wars every 2 or 3 years instead of 1?

Alijah Brown – Hey John. My question is this. Venom is definitely an interesting and brilliant choice for a solo film, they started production. However even with the outstanding talent they have such as Tom Hardy, there’s no Spider-Man or at least no confirmation. How can this movie work?

Mark Auyeong – With the success of Transformers movies I thought that we would see many more giant robot movies, like Robotech, Gundam etc. Why do you think that the big studios haven’t greenlit any of these types of movies? I believe there would be an audience for these.

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