Baby Groot Vs Baby Yoda: James Gunn Talks Trash – The John Campea Show

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On today’s Episode:

  • Mandalorian Chapter 7 Is Best One Yet
  • Brad Pitt Says Troy Made Him Change His Career Direction
  • Jackass 4 Is Officially On The Way
  • Cats Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Negative
  • Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Critics Ratings Are Disappointing
  • Harley Quinn Movie Birds Of Prey Is Rated R
  • James Gunn Says Baby Groot Would Rip Baby Yoda Apart

And Much More!

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One Comment on “Baby Groot Vs Baby Yoda: James Gunn Talks Trash – The John Campea Show”

  1. When I was little, I always have in mind that in the future I want to be a movie director. But as I grow up each day and year, my dreams of becoming a movie director begin to die off my mind. Despise the future I have in becoming a movie director, I really love the review you brought out for us today. Because I know that there are people that their dreams are to become a movie director,
    thanks for sharing this post, God bless you and also the brain which you use in writing this article.

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