Avengers Infinity War Trailer Tomorrow, Does Deathstroke Spoiler Matter? – The John Campea Show


On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Tuesday, November 28th 2018) John discusses the following topics:

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Avengers Infinity War trailer drops on Tomorrow

Jurassic World trailer confusion



Kristina B – Brand new fan, love what you’re doing. I, Tonya is getting Oscar buzz for Margot Robbie & Allison Janney’s performances. This being a smaller movie and a comedy, what chances do you think they’ll have? I’m a huge figure skating fan, so I can’t wait to see it. Do you think this movie will get any interests from people who aren’t?

Robert – What constitutes a Christmas movie? To me a true Christmas movie means the movie cannot still work if separated from the season: example: A Christmas Story revolves around Ralphie getting his bee-bee gun for Christmas. Films like Die Hard and even Home Alone are about characters in situations and Christmas is a back drop.

Guy Silver – Hi John, Love the Show, Not a relevant topic as of right now but with the Tomb Raider and the Sonic the Hedgehog Movies coming out within the next few years, Would it be out of the question to see a possible Videogame cinematic universe leading up to the Super Smash Brothers Movie or something along those lines?

Marion Lindsay – Why are there no Academy Awards for Best Stunt Actors in Movies. Stunt people literally put their lives on the line for movies as tragically seen in Deadpool 2. Is it because actors are shy to let people know stunt actors were involved – but we we all know they are! Surely it is time they are recognised with an award- hair and makeup get one.

‪Jason D – Hey John big fan from London, UK, listen everyday… Joe Manganiello’s recent pic of him as Deathstroke has ruined the surprise of one of the JL end credit scenes for me as I had not seen the film yet. Considering WB’s recent troubles shouldn’t they have stopped this or asked Joe to wait at least a month before putting this out? Feels like another mistake from their marketing department.

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