Avengers Endgame Will Not Catch Avatar: Should It Re-Release To Do It – The John Campea Show

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On today’s episode of The John Campea Show (Thursday, June 13th 2019) John discusses the following topics:

  • A Quiet Place 2 Will Explore Monsters Origins
  • Sylvest Stallone Says More Rambo Could Follow Last Blood
  • First Reviews For Men In Black International Are Weak
  • Could Dark Phoenix Failure Hurt X-Men’s Future Under Marvel
  • Should Avengers Endgame Do A Re-Release To Try to Catch Avatar
  • Future Ant-Man Movies In Doubt Says Paul Rudd
  • New Shaft Movie Holds Reviews Until Day Movie Opens

And Much More!

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2 Comments on “Avengers Endgame Will Not Catch Avatar: Should It Re-Release To Do It – The John Campea Show”

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