Avengers Endgame Will Be Box Office #1 But For How Long – The John Campea Show

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On today’s episode of The John Campea Show (Thursday April 25th 2019) John is joined by Robert Meyer Burnett and Greg Alba as the trio discuss the folloing topics:

  • Lucifer Season 4 Trailer Hits For Netflix
  • Men In Black International Trailer Drops
  • James Bon Details Revealed But Still no Title
  • Disney Starts Killing Of Several Fox Movie Projects
  • Tom Holland Film Chaos Walking Is An Unreleasable Disaster
  • Where Does Avengers Endgame Rank On Our Favorite MCU Films List
  • Does Gozilla Vs Kong Cast Reveal King Of The Monsters Spoiler
  • How Long Will Avengers Endgame Hold The #1 Box Office Spot

And Much More

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