Avengers 4 To Be Finale, Avatar 4&5 Not Guaranteed – The John Campea Show


On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Monday, November 27th 2017) John discusses the following topics:


2:11 – Master and Commander possible sequel

3:22 – Lady Bird becomes highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes All time

4:50 – James Cameron says Avatar 4 and 5 aren’t guaranteed

6:32 – Star Wars The Last Jedi once again the most talked about movie on social media

8:00 – Avengers 4 could be finale



11:02 – PATREON Supporter Kevin – I’ve heard forever that movie theaters need to charge high prices for concessions because they don’t make much from ticket sales. But, if theaters are taking 30% of box office gross for movies they don’t have to produce, market, or distribute, is this really the case?

15:06 – Ricky Gonzalez – Hello John! Huge fan! Have you heard about the new Halloween movie that’s supposedly to be a sequel to the original? The movie is supposed to come out October 2018 but for some reason filming is delayed until January. Do you think it could still make the deadline?

17:23 – Danny McFearson – Hey John! I read that Suicide Squad director David Ayer recently said that he regrets not having the Joker as the main villain in Suicide Squad. Did he actually say this? If so, do you think that would have improved the movie for some people?

21:20 – Michelle Chavez – So apparently Justice League has made almost $300 million dollars worldwide already. At this pace, isn’t it still possible that it could end up being a big hit and maybe even the #1 superhero movie of the year?

26:20 – Blu-Ray Billy – Hi John. Congrats on hitting 100,000 subs. My question is: with Blade Runner 2049 flopping at the box office, do you think this will prevent studios from making sequels to older films?


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