AMC’s New Plan To Price Gouge Customers, Greatest Showman Accuracy – The John Campea Show

On this episode of The John Campea Show (Recorded Friday, December 29th 2017) John takes the following viewer submitted topics:

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Jon DeMotto – Long time fan. What do you think of the box office success of Jumanji? Looking at about 100+ million going through it’s first week. Most box office gurus thought it would gross 100 max domestically. What led to it’s success? Will we see a sequel?

Brian Pulley – Hey John, I was wondering what your opinion is about theater’s being open every day of the year and requiring employees to work major holidays. ( Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc..) My wife just started part time at big local movie theater chain in utah but hates the fact she has to work those holidays away from family. Do you think theater’s should be closed on those holidays and why do they choose to be open at all?

Martin Lawrence – I was reading a story about how AMC is looking at going to different prices for different seats. So seats in the front row would be cheaper than better seats elsewhere. Do you think this could get more people in the theaters?

PATREON Supporter Joe Zapata – Merry Christmas! Love the show and you my friend! I am friends with people in the film industry and there is a buzz going around that Carrie Fisher may be getting a push for best supporting actress in TLJ. What are your thoughts and have you heard anything? Our princess did save the best for last!

Trevor Voletine – Hey John! Greetings from Iowa! The Greatest Showman’s critic rating on rotten tomatoes is a 53%. I have read a lot of the critic reviews saying that Barnum’s life was not really portrayed correctly, and it is not historically correct. Is this fair to the movie? Don’t we all know movies are not history lessons? Overall I think that the movie should be based on its performance and not its historical relevance.


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